Brand Story
Jason, the founder of Wada Bento, was a typical office worker. Long and stressful days are the norm with lunch hour being the only relaxing moment of the day. But long queues at lunch rush hour in Hong Kong means even a takeway will eat up 1/3 of your precious lunch time. Jason who had lived in Japan, the kingdom of vending machines, for many years, wondered why the problem cannot be solved by redesigning the vending machine. He decided to partner with a Japanese chef who has more than 20 years of dining experience to open Wada Bento, making gourmet bento served in 17 seconds a reality.
For Jason, the Japanese bento holds a special meaning. As a self-supported foreign student living alone in Japan, Jason's days were always packed to the fullest with study, work, and grappling with a new language. With little time and energy left at the end of the day, a cup noodle was his staple dinner for months.
One day, he decided to take a trip Kamakura, a suburb of Tokyo, hoping to bring a little new experience to his otherwise mundane life.
However, as he travelled through the streets of Kamakura, the only thing he noticed was he was the only person alone, amongst couples, and families enjoying the weekend.
Noticing it was lunch time, Jason decided to find a quick place to eat. Inadvertently, he went to a home-made bento shop. To his surprise, the lady owner not only brought out a hot and most delicious-smelling bento to Jason. What was most memorable was what she said as she handed him the bento. Just a simple "GanBatte!" but her sincerity brought an inexplicable sense of warmth that wiped all the loneliness Jason was feeling away.
A few years later, Jason graduated from the University of Tokyo and returned to Hong Kong to start another page in his life and eventually founded Wada Bento. Thus with every bento Wada serves, it's Jason's hope to bring, however insignificant, a little sense of warmth to all the hectic lives out there.